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Thanks to all who participated in the California Craft Brewers Cup.

There were 314 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceOrganizationEntry NameStyle
1stRip Current BrewingBreakline Bock9B: Traditional German-Style Bock

Winning Entries

Table 1: Standard American Beer

1stAlvarado Street BreweryMonterey Beer1B: Standard American Lager
2ndUrban Roots BrewingSidework1B: Standard American Lager
3rdTaps BreweryLight1A: American Light Lager

Table 2: International Lager

1stKnee Deep Brewing CompanyHola Señor2A: International Pale Lager
2ndDust Bowl Brewing CoTaco Truck Amber 2B: International Amber Lager
3rdDust Bowl Brewing CoTaco Truck Lager2A: International Pale Lager

Table 3: Pilsner

1stDiscretion BrewingShimmer Pils3C: German-Style Pilsner
2ndDust Bowl Brewing CoHobo 3C: German-Style Pilsner
3rdSecret Trail Brewing CompanyComanche Creek3C: German-Style Pilsner

Table 4: Bohemian-Style Pilsner (Czech Lager)

1stEast Brother Beer CoBo Pils4A: Czech Pale Lager
2ndTen Mile BrewingSwarthy Czechsman4B: Czech Dark Lager
3rdRip Current BrewingChoppy Surf Czech-Style Pilsner4A: Czech Pale Lager

Table 5: Pale European Beer

1stAngel City BreweryEastside Export Lager5C: European-Style Export/Dortmunder
2ndDevice Brewing CompanyDas Crispy5C: European-Style Export/Dortmunder
3rdAlaro Craft BreweryLa Boheme5A: Kellerbier or Zwickelbier

Table 6: Munich-Style Helles

1stBike Dog Brewing Co.Summer Is Always Helles6A: Munich-Style Helles
2ndSmog City Brewing Co.South Bay Lager6A: Munich-Style Helles
3rdThe Original 40 Brewing CompanyChrispy Boi6A: Munich-Style Helles

Table 7: German/Vienna-Style Marzen

1stCrooked Lane Brewing CoOktoberfest7A: Vienna Lager
2ndDust Bowl Brewing CoOktoberfest7B: Märzen/Oktoberfestbier
3rdFiftyfifty BrewingOktoberfest 7B: Märzen/Oktoberfestbier

Table 8: European-Style Dark Beer

1stTaps BreweryDon't Drop That Dun Dun Dunkel 8A: Munich Dunkel
2ndCrooked Lane Brewing CoThirsty Pretzels8A: Munich Dunkel
3rdAngel City BreweryBlack Lager8B: Schwarzbier

Table 9: Bock

1stRip Current BrewingBreakline Bock9B: Traditional German-Style Bock
2ndFaultline Brewing CoSpring Bock9A: Helles Bock/Maibock
3rdMain Street BreweryMain Street Maibock9A: Helles Bock/Maibock

Table 10: German-Style Doppelbock or Eisbock

1stCrooked Lane Brewing CoOreamnos10B: Eisbock
2ndMorgan Territroy BrewingLubricator10A: Doppelbock
3rdPhantom AlesPhantom Doppelbock10A: Doppelbock

Table 11: American Style Cream Ale

1stUnsung Brewing CompanyBuzzman11A: American-Style Cream Ale
2ndClaremont Craft AlesNorman11A: American-Style Cream Ale
3rdSouth Park BrewingJenny11A: American-Style Cream Ale

Table 12: Kölsch

1stIndie Brewing CompanyPacific Kolsch Highway12A: Kölsch
2ndStandard Deviant BrewingKolsch12A: Kölsch
3rdKetch BrewingKetch Kolsch12A: Kölsch

Table 13: Altbier/CA Common

1stFiftyfifty BrewingAlternate Ending 13A: German-Style Altbier
2ndRedwood Curtain Brewing CompanyDusseldorf Altbier13A: German-Style Altbier
3rdAngel City Brewery45rpm13A: German-Style Altbier

Table 15: Baltic-Style Porter

1stAngel City BreweryBaltic Porter15A: Baltic-Style Porter
2ndMorgan Territroy BrewingDark Reckoning15A: Baltic-Style Porter
3rdEppig BrewingNatural Bridge: Baltic Porter15A: Baltic-Style Porter

Table 16: American-Style Wheat Beer

1stYorkshire Square BreweryWater-Upon-Sea16A: American-Style Wheat Beer
2ndInc 82 BrewingFor Hef's Sake16A: American-Style Wheat Beer
3rdNew Glory Craft BreweryGummy Worms 16A: American-Style Wheat Beer

Table 17: German-Style Wheat Ale

1stTaps BreweryKrystal Clear17A: Kristal Weizen
2ndBeachwood Bbq & BrewingLa Cabra17D: Weizenbock
3rdIsland Brewing CompanyPch - Pacific Coast Hefeweizen17B: Hefeweizen

Table 18: Berliner-Style Weisse

1stCrooked Lane Brewing CoStreet Weisse18A: Berliner-Style Weisse
2ndStereo Brewing CompanySummer Sun18A: Berliner-Style Weisse
3rdBeachwood Bbq & BrewingTart Simpson18A: Berliner-Style Weisse

Table 19: Gose

1stPorchlight Brewing CoPatio Smooches19B: Contemporary Gose
2ndAlesmith Brewing CompanyAlesmith Gose19A: Leipzig-Style Gose
3rdMraz Brewing Company LlcPurple Plum 19B: Contemporary Gose

Table 20: Rye Beer

1stBurning Beard BrewingRoggen the Lightning20B: German-Style Rye Ale

Table 21: Fruit Beer

1stDel Cielo BrewingGuava Dreams21A: Fruit beer
2ndUrban Roots BrewingChocolate Moustache Coconut Imperal Stout21B: Fruit & Spice beer
3rdFort Rock BrewingGose the Destroyer21A: Fruit beer

Table 23: Herb & Spice Beer

1stMoksa Brewing CoIntemperance23A: Herb & Spice Beer
2ndMoksa Brewing CoSummerthyme23A: Herb & Spice Beer
3rdGarage Brewing CoToasted Marshmallow Milk Stout23A: Herb & Spice Beer

Table 24: Coffee Beer

1stGamecraft Brewing CompanyThere Is No Cow Level24A: Coffee Beer
2ndAmbitious AlesCentral Perk24A: Coffee Beer
3rdPizza Port Brewing Co- Bressi RanchBacon and Eggs24A: Coffee Beer

Table 25: Chocolate Beer

1stBelching Beaver BreweryViva la Beaver25A: Chocolate Beer
2ndBeachwood Bbq & BrewingVanilla Fudge25A: Chocolate Beer
3rdPizza Port San ClementeDusk Til Dawn25A: Chocolate Beer

Table 26: Smoked Beer

1stSouth Park BrewingBread & Smoke26C: Other Smoked Beer
2ndHop Dogma Brewing CompanySmoke On the Lager26C: Other Smoked Beer

Table 27: Historical

1stAnaheim BreweryAnaheim 1888 (R)27D: Kentucky Common
2ndAngel City BreweryAdambier27C: Adambier

Table 28: Blonde or Golden Ale

1stMountain Rambler BreweryVenusian Blonde Ale28A: Blonde or Golden Ale
2ndDos Desperados BrewerySurfeza Blonde Ale28A: Blonde or Golden Ale
3rdTrack 7 Brewing Co.Bee Line Blonde28A: Blonde or Golden Ale

Table 29: British Mild & Bitters

1stBurning Beard BrewingBanksy29D: Extra Special Bitter
2ndThorn Brewing Co.West Kensington 29C: Special Bitter
3rdThe Monk's CellarCrooked Bridge Esb29D: Extra Special Bitter

Table 30: Standard British Ales

1stPeter B's BrewpubInclusion Amber30B: English-Style Brown Ale
2ndPorchlight Brewing CoThe O.P.30C: English-Style Porter/Brown Porter
3rdStandard Deviant BrewingPorter30C: English-Style Porter/Brown Porter

Table 31: British Strong Ales

1stMorgan Territroy BrewingHighland Marauder31A: Wee Heavy/Scotch Ale
2ndAlesmith Brewing CompanyAlesmith Private Stock Ale 201731B: Old Ale
3rdCrooked Lane Brewing CoGnarly Goat31B: Old Ale

Table 32: Irish/Scottish Ales

1stKarl Strauss Brewing CompanyRed Trolley Ale33A: Irish Red Ale
2ndTriple Rock Brewing Co.Cleverpenny32C: Scottish Export
3rdIsland Brewing CompanyJubilee Ale32C: Scottish Export

Table 34: Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout

1stCrooked Lane Brewing CoDark Bent34A: Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout
2ndPocock Brewing CompanyIt's My Island34A: Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout
3rdSociete Brewing CompanyThe Pugilist34A: Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout

Table 35: Stouts (Dry)

1stDel Cielo BrewingSmooth Ride35A: Foreign Extra Stout
2ndSeismic Brewing CompanyOatmeal Stout35B: Oatmeal Stout
3rdIsland Brewing CompanyStarry Night Stout35A: Foreign Extra Stout

Table 36: Stouts (Sweet)

1stSuper Owl BrewingUdder Nonsense36A: Milk Stout/Cream Stout
2ndFeather Falls Brewing CompanyVolcano Mudslide Sweet Stout36A: Milk Stout/Cream Stout
3rdRiley's BrewingCowlifornia36A: Milk Stout/Cream Stout

Table 37: Imperial Stouts

1stRip Current BrewingRescue Buoy Imperial Stout37B: British Style Imperial Stout
2ndRouleur Brewing CompanyNiterideur Imperial Stout37A: American Style Imperial Stout

Table 38: American Amber & Brown Ales

1stTortugo Brewing Baltra Red38A: American Amber Ale
2ndInstitution Ale Co.Restraint38B: American Brown Ale
3rdCrooked Lane Brewing CoHard Headed Red38A: American Amber Ale

Table 39: American Porter & Stout

1stRock Bottom Brewery la JollaPadfoot Porter39B: Robust Porter
2ndFiftyfifty BrewingDonner Party Porter39B: Robust Porter
3rdKern River Brewing CompanyBrown Claw39A: American Porter

Table 40: American Pale Ale

1stAlesmith Brewing CompanyAlesmith San Diego Pale Ale .39440A: American Pale Ale
2ndFigueroa Mountain Brewing CoFigueroa Mountain Mosaic40A: American Pale Ale
3rdSociete Brewing CompanyThe Publican40A: American Pale Ale

Table 41: English-Style India Pale Ale

1stAlaro Craft BreweryCastillo41A: English-Style India Pale Ale
2ndLoomis Basin Brewing Co.,incVindicator IPA41A: English-Style India Pale Ale
3rdFigueroa Mountain Brewing CoHoppy Poppy41A: English-Style India Pale Ale

Table 42: American-Style India Pale Ale

1stGamecraft Brewing CompanyPay To Win42A: American-Style India Pale Ale
2ndAuburn AlehouseGold Digger IPA42A: American-Style India Pale Ale
3rdOut of Bounds Brewing CompanyJoyrider42A: American-Style India Pale Ale

Table 43: New England-Style India Pale Ale

1stResident BrewingChasing Mosaic43A: New England-Style IPA (Hazy IPA)
2ndNorth Park Beer Co.Art Is Hard43A: New England-Style IPA (Hazy IPA)
3rdKnee Deep Brewing CompanyOopsie d'Hazy43A: New England-Style IPA (Hazy IPA)

Table 44: American Imperial IPA

1stMoksa Brewing CoSticky Sips44A: Double IPA
2ndTarantula Hill Brewing CompanyBatch 00244A: Double IPA
3rdTaps BreweryPoseidon44A: Double IPA

Table 45: Specialty IPA

1stAlvarado Street BreweryChampagne Hopi45G: Brut IPA
2ndDrake's Brewing Co.Aroma Coma 45E: Rye IPA
3rdKnee Deep Brewing CompanyMan Juice 45H: Other Specialty IPA

Table 46: Strong American Ale

1stBravery Brewing CompanyCentennial Barleywine46A: American Barleywine
2ndKnee Deep Brewing CompanyImperial Tanilla 46C: Imperial Porter
3rdMraz Brewing Company LlcOperias46C: Imperial Porter

Table 47: Belgian-Style Witbier

1stTemblor Brewing CoUnder A Blood Orange Sky47A: Belgian-Style Witbier
2ndMain Street BreweryKatarina Wit47A: Belgian-Style Witbier
3rdTarantula Hill Brewing CompanyT.O. Wit47A: Belgian-Style Witbier

Table 48: Classic Saison

1stResident BrewingGolden Kiss48A: Classic Saison
2ndHillenbrand Farmhaus BreweryFarmhaus48A: Classic Saison
3rdAlaro Craft BreweryRabbit Hole48A: Classic Saison

Table 49: Specialty Saison

1stGilman Brewing CompanyChamp Rochaux49A: Specialty Saison
2ndInnovation Brew WorksCattle Rancher49A: Specialty Saison
3rdFerment.Drink.Repeat - Fdr Brewing CompanyBarbados Grapefruit Saison49A: Specialty Saison

Table 50: Belgian & French-Style Ale

1stBarmhaus Brewing Co.Batch #450C: Belgian Pale Ale
2ndResident BrewingIndustrial Gris50D: Grisette
3rdTriple Rock Brewing Co.Bid Adieu50A: Belgian Table Beer

Table 51: Belgian Strong Ale

1stSecond Chance Beer CompanyGlorious51A: Belgian Pale Strong Ale
2ndAlesmith Brewing CompanyAlesmith Grand Cru51B: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
3rdRiip Beer CompanyMarooned 1251B: Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Table 52: Trappist Style Ale

1stMain Street BreweryBishop's Tipple Trippel52C: Trappist Tripel
2ndFaction Brewing CompanyDefcon I52D: Trappist Quadrupel
3rdSociete Brewing CompanyThe Debutante52B: Trappist Dubbel

Table 53: Belgian Sour Ale

1stSoquel Fermentation ProjectRed #2 -With Raspberry53B: Flanders Red Ale
2ndAlesmith Brewing CompanyAlesmith Obk53C: Other Belgian-Style Sour Ale
3rdPort Brewing and the Lost AbbeyRed Poppy53B: Flanders Red Ale

Table 54: Belgian-Style Lambic

1stThorn Brewing Co.Framboise d'Tatas54C: Fruit Lambic
2ndMraz Brewing Company LlcBlack Creek54C: Fruit Lambic
3rdFlatland Brewing CompanyUnwritten Stories 54A: Lambic

Table 55: American Wild Ale

1stOriginal Pattern Brewing CompanyBerrya 5155C: Wild Specialty Beer
2ndChapman Crafted BeerAbsofruitly! Raspberry55C: Wild Specialty Beer
3rdSoquel Fermentation ProjectGolden Sour #4 With Mango and Passionfruit55C: Wild Specialty Beer

Table 56: Wood (Wine)

1stDuck Foot Brewing Co.Sour Blonde56A: Wood- and Barrel-Aged (stored in barrels previously containing wine, port, or sherry)
2ndFiftyfifty BrewingOld Digs Malbec 56A: Wood- and Barrel-Aged (stored in barrels previously containing wine, port, or sherry)
3rdSeismic Brewing CompanySteinstrasse 56A: Wood- and Barrel-Aged (stored in barrels previously containing wine, port, or sherry)

Table 57: Wood (Spirit)

1stBravery Brewing CompanyBourbon Barrel-Aged the Shroud57A: Wood- and Barrel-Aged (stored in barrels previously containing distilled spirits i.e. brandy, bourbon, etc)
2ndDrake's Brewing Co.Santa's Brass57A: Wood- and Barrel-Aged (stored in barrels previously containing distilled spirits i.e. brandy, bourbon, etc)
3rdSilva BrewingSilva Stout57A: Wood- and Barrel-Aged (stored in barrels previously containing distilled spirits i.e. brandy, bourbon, etc)

Table 58: Alternative Fermentable Beer

1stMorgan Territroy BrewingBees Better Have My Honey58C: Honey Beer
2ndAngel City BreweryRap On the Beezer58C: Honey Beer
3rdDiscretion BrewingTen Million Flowers58C: Honey Beer

Table 59: Experimental Beer

1stKings Brewing CompanyFluffernutter59A: Experimental Beer
2ndBurgeon Beer CompanyBird's Milk59A: Experimental Beer
3rdSilva BrewingThe Pink Stuff59A: Experimental Beer

Table 60: Session Beer

1stPizza Port Brew Co. - Ocean BeachGuillaume60A: Session Beer (beer less than or equal to 5% abv.)
2ndEppig BrewingNatural Bridge: Vienna Lager60A: Session Beer (beer less than or equal to 5% abv.)
3rdNoble Ale WorksNose Candy60A: Session Beer (beer less than or equal to 5% abv.)

Table 61: Chili Beer

1stDuck Foot Brewing Co.Slow Burn61A: Chili Beer
2ndStereo Brewing CompanyI Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass61A: Chili Beer
3rdGarage Brewing CoHatch Chile IPA61A: Chili Beer